Whether you are a PR Firm or Corporation needing to develop your client/ staff and their on-camera persona, or an individual who just needs a refresher for an upcoming interview, you couldn't ask for a better coach than someone who does this for a living! Between her previous career in Public Affairs, the hundreds of guests she has interviewed, and segments she has produced,  Dawn has an exceptional ability to prepare even the most inexperienced guest for their moment in the spotlight!


With experience in segment and location producing, Dawn can help you and your clients peel away the layers of a raw idea to expose what will be perfect "pitch" to various media platforms, giving you the best possible chance for exposure of your product.


Certified by Hootsuite as a recognized Social Media Consultant, Dawn has developed not only her own personal and professional brand, and is  widely recognized as an influencer,  but was also  instrumental in initiating interest in social media and the appropriate strategy from a broadcast television perspective. Dawn can help you get set up on the various platforms and can help increase your exposure and develop your social media strategy.

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"Dawn has a talent for bringing the best out of her guests, especially those who don't have a lot of on-camera experience. She is a pro at quickly preparing people for television, including helping them distill their key messages. And she knows exactly what looks good on camera and works sensitively with her guests to produce a great result that everyone is happy with. "
Amber Sessions
Manager, Travel & Trade Media Relations

"I'm truly impressed by the skill and ease Dawn navigates through the Social spheres of Twitter, Facebook etc. I. She is a true an influencer and I know from personal experience that having her spread the word (RT) has been a positive impact on my campaigns."
Marc Smith
30 Day Adventures

"If you want someone to tell you the real deal – with tact, diplomacy and enthusiasm - ask Dawn.  A guest speaker at our regional PR meeting, she was talking to a group of varied backgrounds and experience when it came to dealing with media, and everyone benefitted from her presentation and insights.   Professional, prepared, engaging.  As always -  right on the mark."
Nancie Hall
Fairmont Hotels, Regional Director Public Relations - Pacific Northwest

" One of the ways Dawn has helped us out is by providing media training to Big Sisters staff and volunteers.  As a media  professional, Dawn is able to give us the 'inside scoop' on how spokespeople should prepare for media interviews, how to answer different types of questions, and what reporters and hosts need for a successful story.  Her expertise has been invaluable to our staff and volunteer ambassadors." 
Lisa Cloutier
Director of Communications & Operations, Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland