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Client Name – Inspiration & Live Coach



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Client Name – Entrepreneur, Writer and Business Coach



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Client Name – Lifestyle Editor


What others are saying

I Just Had My First Speaking Engagement!

I appreciated you got into character, as a real live interviewer, and knew all the questions that would be asked.  I was grateful to work out the kinks with you before going live on camera.

Jen Govier Creator & Founder, HUX Toronto

Hosts are required to pivot and improvise in many situations. Dawn continues to master this without any hesitation.

Dawn showcases products in an exciting manner that can quickly captivate her audience through her social media platforms. She continues to spotlight a product while remaining authentic to her viewers.

Janet Entwhistle National Artist & Educational Specialist at Groupe Marcelle (Lise Watier) Montreal

Royal Bank

...a talented and professional speaker with the ability to keep our large audiences engaged and excited throughout the evening. Dawn's ability to maintain a high level of energy is a critical ingredient to our events’ success.

Inde Sumal Regional Vice-President, Private Banking | British Columbia Region | RBC Wealth Management | Royal Bank of Canada