The day has finally come! On Monday, August 14 our new National show ‘Good Morning TSC’ will make its way into your homes weekday mornings between 8 and 10am EST. I will be sharing each morning with you, as I have for the last 13 years in Vancouver and the years before that in Edmonton. We will start the day with a little coffee, some shopping, some laughs and some great deals.

Deals….just for those of you who get up early with me. The  ‘Alarming Deal’ will feature one item at a minimum of 40% off and will only air on Good Morning TSC. Early bird gets the worm…yay YOU!

If you have been watching TSC for years, this show will look and feel a little different. We have a brand new set that is sure to start us all off on the right side of the bed in the morning and will move at a quicker pace. Here’s a little preview we gave our friends at Breakfast Television in Vancouver.

We know you are busy in the morning and want to get going with your day…you’ll be able to get a head start on your shopping and get front of the line access to some of the items that others will have to wait to access. Fun right?

We’re social and would love to hear from you on Facebook, twitter and instagram using #GoodMorningTSC .

Please check your local listings for TSC (The Shopping Channel) and if you don’t have a television, remember you can stream us live HERE or via our TSC App.

Thanks for your support and for making us Today’s Shopping Choice!



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