All major media outlets around the world are using Skype and Zoom for content. This is not expected to change even after we are finished with Covid. The access to great guests, experts and content no longer have limitations based on location.

That means there is more opportunity than ever to get coverage for YOUR  brand.

Where in person pitches and interviews usually focus on local coverage for your brand/ services, virtual interviews allow for global access to you as an expert in your field! That means your client potential and brand recognition just got a major boost…without you ever having to drive or fly anywhere. It also means you have some work to do to prepare and to ensure there is nothing to distract from the message you are tying to convey.

While this access benefits not only you and the media you are pitching, it also makes things more completive and can make it more difficult to get coverage.

We will help you formulate pitches for Skype, ensure your “set” doesn’t distract, train you to deal with the challenges of being interviewed virtually and make your best impression while using YOUR screen to get on the BIG SCREEN.

Available to individuals, PR Firms with clients who need practice being interviewed by a professional broadcaster and corporations in a group session,

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