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As I near the end of nearly a full month co-hosting Breakfast Television, Canada’s Best Morning Show (Canadian Screen Awards), I wanted to share some thoughts and thanks. In sharing a bit of my past I hope you will have a better understanding of my work ethic and life perspective. I also know some of you have questions. 

In 1999, I was offered my first TV gig in my Hometown of Edmonton thanks to a producer who would book me regularly to perform my music on their show (Don Marcotte) and the Station GM (Jim Haskins) who saw my potential for their morning show despite not having any broadcasting experience.

“Everything is trainable…except for personality.” 

– Jim Haskins

In 2004, my then Fiancé (now Husband) Brad and I made the move to Vancouver to explore a fantastic job opportunity for him and an incredible lifestyle shift for us. I left what I considered my “dream job” to being unemployed. “Who” would I be if I wasn’t the “Girl on TV”? Vancouver was a big market compared to Edmonton. LOTS of competition and not a lot of people leaving their TV gigs. I figured I could always go back to bartending/ waitressing, but Brad insisted there was no panic and no pressure. 

“You have NO idea how many great opportunities you will have in Vancouver even beyond media. I am your biggest fan. I believe in you more than I think you believe in yourself. You will be GREAT!” 

– My Husband

From 2004-2017 I Hosted Breakfast Television Vancouver, and during my time there, I had SO many experiences that still have me pinching myself. I also had the opportunity to host several seasons of Realty Television (real estate) and a cooking show called City Cooks for a season. I was the Hometown Heroes Lottery Spokesperson for 3 years, an in-Arena Host for the Vancouver Canucks for 3 seasons and I emceed more events than most people attend in a lifetime. I even had the chance to host a couple of episodes of Cityline when Tracy Moore was on Maternity Leave! Think you’ve seen or heard me in your favourite movie or TV show? The BC Film Industry has been good to me too. I was also able to continue my music career fronting my own Jazz group, released my second CD, and was part of the Dal Richards Orchestra as a Dal’s Gal for several years before Dal’s death at 97 years old. Because of Dal, I had the surreal opportunity to perform with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra under the late Bramwell Tovey.

“Yeah…you were right.” 

– Me, to my Husband 

In 2017, I walked into my Supervisor’s office at CityTV to hand in my resignation. I was leaving Vancouver and Breakfast Television. My husband had an opportunity in Ontario that was too good for us to pass up. I thank my lucky stars that my boss ( Manuel Fonseca) and his boss (Colette Watson) saw value in keeping me with Rogers and so delayed acceptance of my resignation. After auditioning with TSC and meeting with then-President Anne Martin Vachon, I was offered a job on Canada’s only TV Home Shopping Network, in Mississauga. I was able to take everything I already brought to the table AND learn the art of Sales. I get to be on National TV AND learn a new transferrable skill. BEST JOB EVER!

In 2022, Brad and I were presented with the opportunity to move back to Vancouver and with the help of my Senior Leader at the time Carolyn Galvin, was able to work an arrangement that kept me not only with TSC, but also with the company I have been with for almost 19 years. I think it’s important to recognize that as much as many workplaces have adjusted what a work day or location can be post-pandemic, to be able to keep my on-air job after moving across the country is somewhat groundbreaking. How long I will keep travelling for work with all of the implications associated with that, I cannot say, but like everyone, regardless of the industry they work in, the decision to stay is always being evaluated. My top priorities in staying with any company have always been about job satisfaction and growth opportunities. I clearly love where I am but do I keep my ear to the ground? Of course. 

There are many people (strangers, colleagues, friends) who can’t comprehend why I would fly to Toronto once a month to work for 10 days at a time. I get it. In addition to the priorities I just mentioned, I also have to continuously weigh the impact on my marriage and consider the financial implications. 

So when asked, “why would you do this?”  I answer very simply, “To take me to this exact moment in time.”

Right now, it’s waking up at 3:30 am to connect with MILLIONS of Canadians on Canada’s #1 Morning Show. Not bad for a girl who fell into the TV Biz, and learned to do it, by just doing it, 24 years ago. Cue the tears welling up in my eyes.

My last day filling in on BT is March 29th and I want to thank every person and family across Canada who welcomed me into their homes yet again. I also want to thank everyone at Breakfast Television for embracing me with open arms like family. I am grateful to have had this chance to sit in such a coveted seat. It is a real privilege. 

Next month, from April 18-25th, I will yet again leave Vancouver for my 10-day stint at TSC to connect with valued customers across this country as their trusted on-air advocate and consultant. Also a privilege. 

I have no doubt that I will get those same questions of “why?” So I will say it again now, next month, this job, next job, this city, or the next city:

“To take me to this exact moment in time.”  

– Me

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