To climb…we must get over the edge.

On May 25th I will celebrate 19 Years of working with Rogers Sports & Media . On May 28th, I will work my last shift at TSC, Canada’s Only TV Home Shopping Network. I wanted to share a few thoughts and a little picture accompaniment.

In 2008, while working as a Host on Breakfast Television in Vancouver, Ted Rogers came to the station to promote his Book “Relentless- The True Story of the Man Behind Rogers Communications”. I recall having to convince people that I was the best one to conduct that interview. Not only had I been with Rogers longer than anyone else on our BT Host roster, but I was “more” and could do “more” than what people thought I was capable of. I was ready to bust out of the box I had happily fallen into back in 1999 (see previous post “Reflecting on my Why”) when I was offered my first TV gig as a weather presenter in Edmonton.

I would indeed be selected to conduct what would be one of the final interviews with Ted Rogers. I was so proud of myself for advocating for my advancement (and thankful to those who knew I could do it).

Now to the picture on the left when I repelled 20 stories in a Latex Catwoman suit for Easter Seals live on TV. Do you know what the scariest part was? Getting myself over the edge. My colleagues, our viewers, my in-laws waiting at the bottom of the building, and my husband and his co-workers watching from the office all had faith that I could do it and were cheering me on, but I still had to get that second leg over the railing and TRUST…literally everything.

This collage communicates 2 things:

1) Every climb to the top starts with swinging that second leg over the railing.

2) The best is yet to come.

To my past and present Leadership and colleagues at City TV and Rogers, THANK YOU for the great run, we made a great team and I would not be where I am without all of you.

Stay tuned 😀

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