Product Launch/ Facebook Live with SKINN Cosmetics

It’s been 2 weeks since I left my Job with TSC and 19 years as a Rogers employee to fully dedicate myself to pursuing my entrepreneurial ambitions. I often get asked “What’s Next?” and while I will reveal my plans within the next few days I thought I would share a few things that I have come to realize since I left.

1) I spent a LOT of time reviewing emails over the years. Reports, corporate communications, calendar invites for meetings and town halls and the “reply alls”. I am amazed at the time I have gotten back, enabling me to focus more time, energy, and resources on expanding my business (and enjoying LIFE). 

2) My routine is more important than ever, and something I didn’t really have working “shift work”. Since embarking on full-time Entrepreneurship, I wake up before 7am, make my bed right away (I NEVER did that before), have my coffee with Hubby, watch the news, say goodbye to Hubby as he leaves for work, watch one hour of TV while I drink my smoothie (my new healthy habit) and then work on errands, tasks and projects that align with my aspirations.

3) I don’t watch nearly as much TV. I used to binge-watch shows for hours a day as a way to unwind and decompress. Now that my timeline is my own, I am far more interested in my own story unfolding than another character’s development and storyline. I spend much more time reading articles, white papers and videos that educate and escalate me.

4) I am BUSY. How the heck did I ever find time to work for someone else?!?! 🤣 Not only am I working on tasks and projects that align with my personal and professional goals, but I have continued to work with clients on their camera confidence for their media appearances. I also have also attracted additional opportunities that relate to my expertise as a National TV Home Shopping and Livestream Shopping Host. My most recent project was with LA Based SKINN Cosmetics and Founder Dimitri James. The Screenshot posted is of the Facebook Live I was a part of, which previewed the upcoming product launch of his Scientific Colour Blush which is available at HSN, TSC and on the SKINN website. Upcoming projects for me include working with other health and beauty retailers as well as fashion retailers. 

5) I am HAPPY. I am EXCITED. 

I can’t wait to share what’s next. Stay Tuned 😀 🛍 💻 

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