I’m not suggesting that a dentist can’t be a guitar teacher or that Alex Lifeson from RUSH can’t be your dentist (I’ll admit that would be cool though), but if you are learning a new skill, having a teacher who has expertise in that field only makes sense. 

In the case of Live Selling and Hosting Livestream Events, the most relevant lessons come from the world of TV Home Shopping like QVC, HSN and TSC.

It’s why I developed “The HSH Method of Live Selling”. The skills, techniques and strategies I learned and used as a National TV Home Shopping Host are the same ones that will help Brand Representatives, Influencers and other Key Opinion Leaders connect authentically with Livestream viewers in ways that convert them into customers who will confidently add-to-cart.

HSH short for Home Shopping Host. To understand why this is the only method that matters to aspiring Live Selling Talent, it helps to know a bit of what Home Shopping Hosts do every day:

  1. Showcase and demonstrate products in specific ways that highlight the features and benefits to the customer who cannot touch, taste or try on for themselves.
  2. Engage and Entertain through dynamic presentations, using storytelling and demonstrations to keep viewers interested. 
  3. Build engagement with the Customer “through the screen” by way of authenticity, product knowledge and advocacy.
  4. Encourage viewers to take action and make a purchase during the live broadcast by emphasizing FOMO (fear of missing out) and calls to action (CTAs).

TV Home Shopping Hosts are the Original INFLUENCERS and Live Selling via Livestream Shopping Platforms and Social Media is a modern take on an already established and successful concept. The strategies used are directly aligned. There is no closer comparison. Learning the HSH Method is starting your journey as Live Selling Talent with a HUGE advantage.

I am proud to announce that Live Selling School will launch “Learn the HSH Method of Live Selling and Hosting Livestream Events” this Fall. 

The WAITLIST is open! 

While there is no obligation at this time, once the official registration for this online course opens, a discount coupon/ code will be sent to the email address you provide that you can use when you officially reserve your spot. There will also be some pretty sweet bonuses for those that register early, so if you are serious about achieving excellence in the world of Live Selling and broadening your horizons as an Influencer, you’ll want to get added to the waitlist (check your SPAM folder if you don’t get confirmation right away and be sure to add me to your contacts).

I’m here for you. I am going to teach you everything I know about Live Selling and Hosting Livestream Events. I have done the job.

Posting content in exchange for free skincare samples doesn’t pay the rent. Providing measurable value that you can get paid for does.

When Brands are ready to incorporate Live Selling into their Strategy, 


 See you soon Live Seller!

-Dawn Chubai

Principal, Live Selling School

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